July, 2012

Jul 12

Grocery Run

Sometimes, I take a drive to the grocery store on Sunday nights.

The radio is off. The window is open. The roads are empty.

If I am lucky with my timing, the weather is nice and the sun is setting.

I arrive at the grocery store and park in the parking lot. The lot is in the middle of a clearing, surrounded by trees. There are tall lamp posts shining halogen light on the ground.

A few people go into the store. They pick up abandoned carts along the way.

A few people come out of the store. They have bags in hand or they push their carts to their cars.

The air in the store is cold. The aisles are empty. There is space to walk around.

I pick up my items and head to the checkout line. I make my purchase, walk to my car and head home.

I feel the warm air coming in through the window, as I drive down my street.

My Sunday grocery runs are brief moments of calm. I would have never expected to find it going to buy groceries. But it is there.

If I can find it there, where else can I find it? More than likely, everywhere.

No beach required. I don’t have to start listening to New Age.

I just have to continue recognizing these calm moments in my life that happen naturally.

Jul 12

It Has Been a Long Time

I started this blog 3 years ago. I took a break. It ended up lasting a full year.

I have missed writing about rationality and mindfulness. I have missed thinking about them both too.

I am sure that I have used both skills throughout the past year. But since I have not shone the light on either one by writing about them, I feel as if I have not. Or at least, I have not used them to their (or my) full potential.

Coming back to Rational Focus has brought back good memories. Good feelings.

And I am coming back to it at one of the busiest times in my life.

Perhaps, that is the best time to come back. When everything around me is moving so quickly, maybe Rational Focus can be the place where I can move slowly.

Hopefully, it can be the place where you can move slowly too.