Rational Focus (Year Two)

This Wednesday, July 13 2011, will be the two year anniversary of the start of this blog.

I have kept the tradition of posting every Monday for the past two years. I attempted to change the schedule last year, but I failed. I could not bring myself to break the chain.

I am going to attempt to break it this year.

In “Ending Meditation“, I said that forcing myself to meditate everyday made the practice boring. I did not mention another problem that I had with keeping to a schedule.

It obfuscated the purpose.

Not only was I meditating because I had the desire to learn more about my thoughts, I was meditating because I did not want to break the chain.

This is the same problem that I am having with posting every Monday.

Am I posting because I have something to say, or am I posting to just be consistent?

Breaking the chain will be a good thing. It will put my interest in rationality and mindfulness to the test.

For the past two years, I have felt like rationality and mindfulness have really spoken to me. Has this been just because I have been writing about them? Or am I writing about them because they speak to me.

We shall see.

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