A Snake Under My Feet

While meditating today, I imagined that a snake slithered under my feet. I imagined myself getting up and stomping on its head.

I knew that I was just imagining the whole scenario. It was a distant picture in my head.

But I still felt a slight bit of fear from the thoughts that I had. The fear did not come from the potential of a snake actually moving under my feet. It only came from those pictures I had in my head.

My thoughts had manufactured emotions in me.

And those emotions were making me feel like I needed to reject the thoughts that caused the emotions in the first place.

It was similar to the scenario I talked about two weeks ago. Except this one deals with fear while the other dealt with happiness.

The sunshine was a real phenomenon that I wanted to cling to and the snake was a fabricated thought that I wanted to reject.

I feel as if meditation is enabling me to recognize sources of my thoughts and emotions better than I had before. This gives me the ability to assign causes to my emotions instead of just thinking that I am scared for no reason or I want to stay seated just because.

This thought of a snake came from nowhere.

It makes me think that random thoughts like this could be coming up all the time in my head. I did not have any reason to think that a snake would appear under my feet. It was a completely random thought.

Could these thoughts be happening frequently? They could be causing these emotions, and I think that I am just in a mood. Or even worse, I could attribute the wrong cause to an emotion.

Overall, I believe that meditation is helping me gain insight into my thought process. I am just at the beginning stages but I am starting to see that I unknowingly cling to and reject thoughts. So far, these thoughts have been very basic (primal, really), but they have produced tangible results.

I want to know what other thoughts I try to force out or keep in my head. Are there ways that I can recognize this force outside of meditating?

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