Quantifying Mindfulness Redux

I have been meditating for 5 minutes a day for the past 7 days.

I sit in a private location. My eyes are closed. I have a 5 minute countdown timer set on my phone.

I attempt to think about what I am experiencing through my senses.

After the 5 minutes are up, my timer goes off and write down what I thought about and how I am feeling after the meditation session.

The main purpose of these sessions has been to practice mindfulness. Nothing else. Keeping track of the thoughts that I had during the process is a completely peripheral goal.

This is a slight modification to my past experiment with meditation.

I interrupted my sessions to write down what I was thinking. The break did not actually cause too much of a problem. But it was the focus on keeping track of all these thoughts that caused trouble.

I could not focus on my breath when I was repeatedly telling myself that I needed to write this one thought down.

During meditation, thoughts need to be let go. They do not need to be captured.

I am definitely not getting as accurate of a list of thoughts this go around than last. But it is good enough.

Especially because I feel like this time, the meditation is having a more meaningful impact on me.

When I listen to the sounds around me, there are moments when the only thing that I think of are the details of the sounds. It is an amazing feeling. I don’t remember feeling that way previously. I attribute it to the removal of the tracking agenda.

Also, I had been feeling somewhat uninspired the past couple of days. After sitting for a few seconds today, I got this wave of inspiration. It probably was just a fluke that the meditation and inspiration coincided. But I will keep an eye on any connections like that just in case.

What are some ways that you can measure progress with meditation?

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