Your Own Pace

TunnelI would like to make a conjecture: everyone has their own pace.

In other words, each individual prefers to take action at a rate of speed that is independent to all others’ preferred rates of speed.

Since everyone has their own unique series of experiences in their life, they have their own unique expectation of how future experiences will play out. These expectations include the rate in which actions occur.

I know I move slower than most people. I tend to think a lot before doing something. Which could be seen as a bad thing. But put in a different way, it sounds a whole lot better. I could say that: I try to act only when I understand what I am doing. (I may still be uncertain, but I want to know how uncertain I am.)

I know people that move much quicker than others. They are constantly on the go. Always looking for something to do and then moving onto the next thing. Walking fast. Eating fast. Typing, talking, etc. Always: go, go, go. Some people may judge them negatively because they believe that they are not thinking everything through. But who is to say that they are not? (After all, the best way to learn is to act.)

Either way allows for mindfulness, rationality or any other quality you may be looking for. It all depends on what pace that person is comfortable with.

I rarely remind myself of this. When I read anecdotes about how someone got this one goal accomplished in under a month or was able to complete this task in 15 minutes, I usually ask myself if I could do it that quickly. Or, I look at my logging and wonder what someone else’s logs would look like and how would they compare to mine?

This line of thinking is useless.┬áRather than focusing on other people’s rate of speed, I should be figuring out what speed I am comfortable at.

There are so many questions that need answers:

How can I get into flow more often? How does my environment effect the pace that I work at? Do I get more things done when there are due dates? When I tell people that I will get something done, does that pressure help or harm my ability to finish it? Or …

What pace do I like to work at?

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