The Mind Projection Fallacy


Sugar is not inherently sweet. We only think it is.

The chemicals in sugar interact with our taste buds which send signals to our brain that we interpret as the concept of sweet.

Along with sugar, the Mind Projection fallacy shows up in our thoughts concerning all sorts of things.

Less Wrong’s wiki has a brief write up about it.

Reading about this reminds me of one of the first times that I understood what being color-blind really meant. Some people see colors differently than how I see them.

And forget the whole solipsistic, reality-is-all-just-in-our-heads aspect of it. I found the fact that my interpretation of reality not being the absolute truth to be fascinating.

Probably too fascinating.

Questioning my interpretation of reality is like an addiction.

What is the real truth? Is this really how this thing works? Is there something more behind all this?

These are good questions to have. I just can’t let them take over.

Action with Uncertainty.

Photo courtesy of Uwe Hermann 

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  1. Salamander

    These are good questions to have. I just can’t let them take over

    I share your cautious sentiment in terms of ‘questioning reality,’ but my concern lies less with my ‘questioning of reality,’ and more with my frequent realization of the nature of reality.

    For example, I will be driving on the highway and suddenly realize that this very moment (gripping the wheel, pushing pedals) is my reality, and that I could swerve over three lanes and change people’s lives. Not that I would, nor do I have the desire to kill myself and others, but the power to do so exists, I just deny it.

    I don’t recall having thoughts like this when I was younger. Perhaps because they scared me. This ‘realizing reality’ will kick in at odd times, but I notice it most when I’m alone or when I feel alone (in a large crowd). Sometimes, the thoughts are very pleasurable – to realize that this is reality, and I am here with a growing sense of purpose. So its not all bad or neurotic stuff.

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