The Best Way to Learn is to Act

Some points that I attempt to make within this blog may get lost within its anecdotal entries. This post is an attempt to extract one key point that I wanted to emphasize.

The best way to learn is to act.

And by ‘act’ I mean to take action. To do. Initiate. etc.

When the pieces of that gate clicked into place, I knew that the model that I had in my head was correct. I had come to an understanding of the gate, its instructions and the process of putting it together.

So many times, my anticipations are incorrect. It takes action to put them to the test.

Yet, I find myself avoiding action. There are a number of reasons why. Over-thinking, perfectionism, uncertainty.

But as I wrote in Action with Uncertainty, I should not let uncertainty stop me from gaining more certainty.

So, how does one get oneself to act?

Here are a few rules. Many of them match up with what I found in Getting Things Done.

And if you keep the complexity down but keep the challenge high enough, you can achieve a state of flow.

Where you will be fluidly moving from one action to another. All the time, learning along the way.

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