Visualizing Productive Hours


Analysis is not only crunching numbers. Insight comes from visualizing your data also.

Two ideas popped into my mind once I looked at the chart above:

  1. In general, I am less productive than I expected.
  2. Regardless of the number of hours I work in a week, there is always one day where I don’t do much work at all.

With regards to number 1, I am going to try to avoid being judgmental. Maybe my productivity was low because of the holidays. As a matter of fact, I removed two weeks of data because they were during the holidays and were not indicative of my regular work patterns. Or maybe it is because the projects at work are not that interesting to me right now. Who knows? I don’t think this data is going to give me that answer. I will have to look elsewhere for why that is.

The second observation was much more interesting. Every week, there was always one day where I did less than 2 hours worth of work. I would have never figured that out if I was just looking at the raw data. Visualizing the data gave me that insight.

Given this knowledge, I have new expectations. 3 to 5 hours of work done per day. 1 day per week where I am not productive at all.

I am fine with the 1 day break every week. I think that is acceptable.

I am going to find out more about the average number of hours of work per day.

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