Some Interesting Numbers

The benefit of logging your hours is not just in the process of writing the information down, it also comes from analyzing the data.

Given three weeks of data, I have found some surprising facts.

I sleep more on weeknights than on weekends. Monday through Thursday, I average 7.36 hours of sleep. Friday through Sunday, I average 6.56 hours. A difference of 0.8 hours. Whenever I thought that I was not getting enough sleep, I always used to blame it on not going to bed early enough on weeknights.

Now I know that the weekends are the times when I don’t get enough sleep. I was biased. I wanted to blame work for my lack of sleep. But I can’t now. The numbers are keeping me objective.

I commute 1.56 hours a day, on an average workday.

I work, on average, 7.18 hours during workdays and 4.29 hours on the weekends.

And if you add the hours I sleep, commute and work on workdays, you get 16.1 hours. There are 7.9 hours left unaccounted for.

Most of that time is spent with family. But a good amount is spent on activities that I thought took minimal amount of time in my life.

One of those activities was watching TV. There were days where I did not watch any TV. But then there were days when I watched TV for over two hours. This is more than the average 1.56 hours of commuting. As I suspected, there are times that I choose to be as unproductive as I am while commuting.

Of course, I will need to continue to log data for a much longer period of time to get a better idea of how my time is spent. There has been a number of events during these past three weeks that may skew the data one way or another.

But the findings are very interesting, so far.

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