Efficiency Tracking

My efficiency interest is still going strong.

A month ago, I wrote about how I stopped reading my RSS feeds. At the bottom of the post, I mentioned that I wanted to track the time that I spent being productive.

A few weeks went by, and I had forgotten about the tracking idea. Then, about two weeks ago, I was sitting in traffic. (I seem to talk about traffic often.) And I was angry at the fact that I just stare at the road for over 45 minutes, twice a day, five days a week. It seemed like a huge waste of time.

But how do I know that traffic is a waste of time compared to other hour long periods of my day? What is the difference between sitting in traffic and me browsing the web mindlessly for an hour and a half? Probably not that much.

If I am going to be angry towards traffic because it causes me to be inefficient, I need to know how inefficient I am during that time compared to the other times in my life.

So, I started logging everything that I did, every day. And I have been doing it for the past two weeks. As I have said previously, knowing that I am tracking something changes how I actually do that action. And the change has been great.

I have been more productive these past two weeks than I have been in a long while. There is a great feedback loop with tracking and productivity. When I am not being productive, I remember that I need to write down what I am doing. Once I log it, I feel like being productive. Once I am done being productive, I feel like it is my reward to log my accomplishments. And once I log, I feel like being productive again.

Tracking gets me in the habit of creating things.

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