The Wandering Mind

AnchorThe New York Times has an article covering the results of the track your happiness experiment that more than 2200 people took part in. I have been taking the survey for the past year.

As you can tell by the title, the findings align with the content of this blog.

When your mind wanders, or when it is not focused on the task at hand or when you are not being mindful of your immediate environment, you are more likely to be unhappy.

Completely stopping your mind from wandering is not the ultimate goal. I have come up with many great ideas while daydreaming. And I love to think. I could not imagine taking away that enjoyment.

The wandering mind needs to be balanced.  It drifts. You steer it back.  You can do this with mindfulness.  You can do this with writing. Sometimes, you can do it with both.

Both bring you back to reality. Both anchor your mind.

Photo courtesy of david.nikonvscanon 

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