Information Cleanse Followup

It has been a week after my information cleanse, and I have noticed many changes. All of them are good.

As I said in the previous post, I used to mindlessly open up my web browser, check my email, then click on the Google Reader link. Now, I sit down in front of my computer, and I have no reason to click the link. There is nothing there.

Instead of clicking that link, I ask myself: “What can I do, right now, that is productive?” Which has been great because I end up creating things more often than I did before the cleanse.

I still get that urge to consume. But I focus that urge on reading longer articles and books that I have been avoiding because they were previously too long for my short attention span.

For instance, I finally picked up The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss. I have been meaning to read it in order to find some time saving tips. And I like seeing what successful bloggers do when moving from the internet to bookstores.

I am a hundred pages into the book, so I can not say anything definitive about it just yet. But from what I have read so far, I do not recommend it. The majority of what he is saying is either trite (use the Pareto principle and watch out for Parkinson’s Law) or morally questionable (he exploited a technicality to win a national Chinese kickboxing tournament and suggests that you use similar techniques). However, he does have a chapter about going on a low-information diet. And he says to start off cold turkey.

I couldn’t agree more. And he is right when he says that I won’t miss it.

I know that there are a lot of things happening in the world that I am missing. But if something happens that is important enough, I will hear about it. And if there is information I need from the blogs that I used to follow, I will get it. But I will go to those blogs with a purpose. And it won’t be to just mindlessly consume information.

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