Remember that post back in September about Clarity Breakers?

One of the three types of breakers that I listed was the mind. In particular: thought loops.

These are the thoughts that get stuck in my head for long periods of time. They steal away focus from things that I would prefer to be thinking about.

Sometimes these thought loops manifest themselves in the form of rumination.

Rumination is when you think about something in the past that may have caused you harm. You focus on how it happened or how you could have prevented it from happening. You try to figure out why it happened to you.

And the worst part of rumination is that when you are doing it, you continue doing it because you think it will help in some way.

But it almost never does.

I have found that for most of my rumination sessions, if I actually figure something out through rationality, I do it almost immediately. But then 20 minutes later, I realize that I am still thinking about it for no good reason. I know it is time to move on.

But I find myself back in that loop, again. Unfortunately, the thought control that rationality provides me is not enough in these cases.

The way out is mindfulness.

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