Project Dagaz

Beer van Geer – Project Dagaz from Quantified Self Amsterdam on Vimeo.

This video excites me. It is from a Quantified Self talk (I have mentioned that group before).  And the guy is using technology to measure meditation.  Right up my alley. Within the first two minutes of the video, Beer van Geer asks the same question that I had mentioned in my previous post.

Where is the open culture of meditation in western societies?  How will meditation manifest itself in the west?  He seems to think that it will be through technology (which I agree with).

He is using a NeuroSky mindset device to track brain waves while meditating.  The hardware seems pretty non-intrusive. Especially compared to emotiv’s headset. Could you imagine someone walking around with one of emotiv’s headsets attached to their head? Any hardware like this has to be designed with the minimal amount of weirdness in mind. Otherwise, this type of device will forever remain a toy.

And even if a user takes the leap and puts on the NeuroSky headset, the specific application that van Geer built is still too esoteric. He has every right to maintain a spiritual theme within his application, but displaying mandalas and playing odd music in the background will not help bring meditation to the masses.

But this is a step in the right direction. This is the future.

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