Crack in My Windshield

Windshield Crack

I have a crack in my windshield. I got it a few days ago, and I have not had a chance to get it fixed.

Originally, it was not that large. I didn’t see an immediate need to get it fixed. But yesterday, I noticed that the crack had gotten longer.

What had happened that made it bigger? I wasn’t sure. I needed to employ some rational thinking.  And I needed to do it quickly so that I could avoid any situation that would cause more problems.

How much longer was it?  When did it actually increase in size?  Where was the car when it happened?

I could not answer any of those questions with 100% certainty.  I had my suspicions, but I was not sure.

So, I decided to place a smudge on my window at the end of the crack.  Today, I drove my car like normal.  But every time that I got in my car, I checked if the crack had increased in size.

I parked in the parking deck at work in the morning.  I checked the crack size before I went to lunch.  No change.  I parked outside at lunch.  There was no change after the half hour I was at lunch.  I parked in the sun at work after lunch.

Leaving to go home, the crack had increased in size.  My suspicions were confirmed.  Exposure to heat for a long period of time caused the crack to get longer.

I am not sure what made me think to smudge my window, but it set up a situation where I could measure change (however crudely) and the time that the change occurred.

Science can show up in the smallest things.

Photo courtesy of bionicteaching 

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