Rational Focus (Year One)

I started this blog one year ago, tomorrow. I have written an entry every Monday since the beginning.

I am proud of the fact that I was able to do something consistently for a year. There were many times that things came up in my life when I thought that I would not be able to write an entry.

But I was able to get one in on time. And that required discipline to choose to not do things when this was a higher priority.

Most importantly, my interest in the blog did not wane throughout the year. As a matter of fact, the weekly entry helped to remind me and reinforce my interest in rationality, quantification and mindfulness.

It is interesting how the topics of my posts have turned out. A year ago, I thought this blog was going to be more about rationality than anything else. But as it has turned out, I have focused on mindfulness and quantification equally as much as rationality.

I am going to use this one year anniversary as an opportunity to change a few things on the site.

I am going to change the look and feel sometime soon. While I like the clean and simple look, I would prefer more content on the main page without it being overwhelming.

I am going to find a different schedule for posting. Mondays turn out to be the busiest day of the week for me, even without doing the blog post. I may post multiple times a week or maybe once every couple of weeks. It all depends on what will allow for the best quality of posts.

Finally, I am going to attempt to organize my thoughts on the topics in this blog into some kind of actionable system or formula. You can see the beginnings of it in the past few posts.

I believe I am on a path that will lead me to a convergence of rationality, mindfulness and quantification. This blog will serve as the log that captures this convergence.

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