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Line in the SandI talked to my boss. He was receptive to my critique of how he handled the situation. He apologized. He seemed legitimately remorseful. I was going to leave it at that and just be more skeptical towards his opinions. But then I thought of my previous blog post.

I was pissed at the logical fallacies and the moral offenses that my boss carried out. I understand why I got so heated about my boss being unfair to the employee. It was like he was just picking on the guy for the mistakes that he made a long time ago. But why did I get so mad at the fact that he was being irrational?

I found the answer in that previous post. My boss’s “goal is not to come to a better understanding of the situation. His goal is to look for confirmation for his own biases.”

I often wonder if cultivating mindfulness would cause me to become detached. If I was to just accept all things as how they are, then why would I participate in any activity to attempt to change them? Any action changes the world around you, so wouldn’t someone being mindful try to avoid taking actions in the world? The Mindfulness in Plain English quote helped me understand how that was not the case.

But I still wondered: What would a fully-mindful person get angry about? Or the real question is: What am I comfortable getting angry about? Moral offenses? Sure. Everybody gets angry at those. Opposing political viewpoints? No. For almost all political issues, I can understand other people’s reasons for taking the other side. Taking a parking space I was planning on using? Not a big deal. I will find another one.

Stopping yourself or others from coming to a better understanding of yourself, others or the world around you? Yes. I am comfortable with getting pissed off at that.

That is what my boss was doing. He was perpetuating his own preconceived notions about an employee without trying to understand the reality of the situation. And that makes me angry. As I have said before, getting angry is a good thing sometimes. It motivates you to stop whatever it is that is making you angry.

So, there is the line in the sand. If you try to push some agenda that obscures reality, you are going to piss me off. Emotional insecurities, lies, game playing. There is just no need for it. We are all just trying to come to a better understanding of everything. And anything that gets in our way will not be tolerated.

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