April, 2010

Apr 10

Installing a Gate

child gateIn my last post, I talked about how knowledge motivated me to stop my boss from pushing an agenda that obscured the truth.  This came in the form of anger.  But the motivation that comes from a desire to understand does not have to only show up that way.

A child’s curiousity, a scientist’s discipline, someone’s fear of what is down a dark alley.  All these things come from a lack of knowledge and the desire to rectify that.  You could say that all actions stem from our desire to understand.  But I think that is a little too broad of a statement to have much practical value.

There are times when your motivation comes from understanding a situation instead of just the most obvious of reasons.  Recognizing that fact can help you stay motivated while getting through it.

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Apr 10

A Better Understanding

Line in the SandI talked to my boss. He was receptive to my critique of how he handled the situation. He apologized. He seemed legitimately remorseful. I was going to leave it at that and just be more skeptical towards his opinions. But then I thought of my previous blog post.

I was pissed at the logical fallacies and the moral offenses that my boss carried out. I understand why I got so heated about my boss being unfair to the employee. It was like he was just picking on the guy for the mistakes that he made a long time ago. But why did I get so mad at the fact that he was being irrational?

I found the answer in that previous post. My boss’s “goal is not to come to a better understanding of the situation. His goal is to look for confirmation for his own biases.”

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Apr 10

Crash Numbers

GraphAt the risk of making this blog sound like a Facebook page, I am going to discuss something that happened at work today that pissed me off.

The root cause of what really made me angry was a logical fallacy.  The anger in me probably arose from an ethical wrong that was done.  But that ethical wrong and the logical fallacy are really one and the same.

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Apr 10

Teenage Rebellion

“If you don’t reflect on your life, if you don’t consider it, if you don’t choose the values that you are going to live by, then you are going to be living according to someone else’s choices. You are going to be like a football that they’re kicking around, because you have not chosen something and directed your life towards those goals.”  – A.C. Grayling

There are many great points in that two minute video I posted last week.  The above quote is the most important one. 

How often in life do you go about your day following someone else’s rules? Even more importantly: How often in life do you go about your day mindlessly following rules that you have set up yourself? There is no reason to reject these rules or routines outright. They could be very useful. But you must reflect on why you do the things you do. You must understand the choices that you make.

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