Incorrect Anticipations

Shower Head

Remember that technique I mentioned in my last post?  I tried it a few times this past week.  It did not work at all.  Not even close.

It was pretty cold last week.  That made it even harder to get out from under the covers in the morning.

I remember laying in bed in the morning.  My alarm had just gone off.  I could feel the cool air on my arm that was out from under the covers.  I pulled my arm back under the blanket and then remembered that I was going to do the monoidealism trick to get myself out of bed.

At first, I actually avoided doing the trick.  I told myself that I would do it in 10 minutes.  I almost fell back asleep.  Then I realized how funny it was that I was putting off doing a trick that would help me stop putting off doing something.  Layers on layers of procrastination.

I started counting down from 10 to 1.  I kept in the back of my mind that at 1, I would get out of bed.  But my main focus was just the numbers.  I counted down and everything was fine.  I hit 1 and then I just laid there.  Sigh.

I am not too sure why I did not get up.  I might have been doing it wrong.  The method could be worthless in general.  Or maybe the method just does not work for me.  Oh well.  Experiment performed.  Results gathered.  Moving on.

It got me thinking.  The anticipation of something is so much different than the actual thing.  I chose to lay in bed because it felt good.  I thought it would be cold walking to the bathroom and just wanted to go back to sleep.  Once I actually got up, it wasn’t that cold.  And the hot shower felt better than laying in bed.  So, my expectations were wrong.  Being out of bed felt better than staying in bed.

This just reiterates the fact that over-thinking really gets in the way.  Just feeling the present moment really has its benefits.  How much of my life do I miss because I am busy anticipating something else?  How many times do those anticipations not match up with reality?

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