SheetsI found another interesting anti-akrasia technique on less wrong. The previous technique I talked about was structured procrastination.

To get out of bed in the morning, do not decide to just get out of bed. Decide to count down from 10 to 1 and decide to get out of bed after you get to 1. By concentrating on the plan of action instead of concentrating on the action itself, you trick yourself into doing something you know you should do but don’t necessarily want to do.

This comment seems to give the best explanation on why this technique works. Hypnosis works for some people because they can suspend their disbelief for a long enough period of time to allow one thought to take over their mind. This is what the commenter calls monoidealism. Counting down from 10 to 1 is a task that can fill your head enough to stop you from thinking of ways to avoid doing something.

The same commenter talks more about monoidealism here. He sees it as the goal mental state for someone to be in. There are a number of anti-akrasia techniques that can get you there, Getting Things Done is one of them.

So, I will give it a shot tomorrow morning.  Instead of waking up, laying in bed for 10 minutes, falling back to sleep, hitting snooze for a good hour after the alarm goes off, I am going to count down from 10 and get out of bed after the 1.

Photo courtesy of Vivian Chen [陳培雯]

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