March, 2010

Mar 10

A.C. Grayling on the Unconsidered Life

Mar 10

TV is Not Enough

TV Static“[Nielsen's] report for 2009′s fourth quarter, which tracked viewing across TV, the Internet and mobile phones, found a 35 percent rise in the amount of time Americans used the TV and Internet simultaneously compared with the same quarter in 2008.” - The New York Times

I do it all the time. Actually, I rarely watch TV without the computer or my phone right in front of me. And this habit started relatively recently.

I remember when I would sit on the couch and just watch TV for a few hours in the evening. Sometimes, my viewing would consist of just flipping through the channels. I could never decide on a program that was good enough to watch all the way through. Some evenings, I would know exactly what I was going to watch, pay close attention to the show and turn off the TV when it was through.

Nowadays, I never watch a show without taking a moment to check my email or browse the web. And from the sounds of that New York Times article, I am not alone.

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Mar 10

Zoning Out

On occasion, I find myself being completely distracted for long periods of time. I could be browsing the web, watching TV, driving or taking a shower. After a while, I realize that I have just lost time in doing something I had no intention of doing for that long or doing at all. I ask myself, “How could this happen? Where did I go for that long?”

Sometimes, there are circumstances that push me towards zoning out. If I am procrastinating, I immediately lose focus on what I am attempting to do and just open that new browser tab or flip on the television. Eventually, I will come back to my senses and start doing what I was meaning to do. Sometimes, I don’t get back to doing it and go off and find something else to do (hopefully it is something worthwhile).

Procrastination seems to be common with most everyone. There are a number of ways to tackle it. It is not causing too many issues with my life. I end up doing the things I need to do. So, I am not too worried about it.

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Mar 10

Incorrect Anticipations

Shower Head

Remember that technique I mentioned in my last post?  I tried it a few times this past week.  It did not work at all.  Not even close.

It was pretty cold last week.  That made it even harder to get out from under the covers in the morning.

I remember laying in bed in the morning.  My alarm had just gone off.  I could feel the cool air on my arm that was out from under the covers.  I pulled my arm back under the blanket and then remembered that I was going to do the monoidealism trick to get myself out of bed.

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Mar 10


SheetsI found another interesting anti-akrasia technique on less wrong. The previous technique I talked about was structured procrastination.

To get out of bed in the morning, do not decide to just get out of bed. Decide to count down from 10 to 1 and decide to get out of bed after you get to 1. By concentrating on the plan of action instead of concentrating on the action itself, you trick yourself into doing something you know you should do but don’t necessarily want to do.

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